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My girlfriend and I came to Tari after talk therapy seemed to not do us much good. We learned some tools through the Gottman method, but we needed something more.

Tari was that something. I think he knows how to translate what both men and women are thinking, acting, and doing, and then put certain things into practice through exercises in intimacy and building a spark. He also exudes a relaxed, welcome, and non-judgemental energy that helps break down a lot of walls. I think the most valuable thing that Tari did was that his coaching style that wasn’t based in a therapeutic methodology like talk therapy, and because of that he was able to basically call both of us out when we were being unreasonable with expectations, especially around mind reading, sexuality, and deciphering the feminine vs. the masculine.

We always felt amazing after leaving his sessions, and the fact that he seemed to care so much about our relationship and we weren’t just another couple really helped. I think anyone, really, could use Tari to explore their sexuality deeper and also to explore how to be vulnerable and connect in more meaningful ways, it doesn’t have to be only for couples.

I have to be honest here: as for us, our struggles in our relationship continued, but we did get tools that helped. Ultimately, I am not sure our relationship will work out, but Tari definitely seemed more valuable than regular therapy, and I will take many lessons from him into the future.

Theodore N. Pacific Beach, California

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