Staying hard, getting it up, finishing too early, ED, PE, and other fascinating subjects for men and women

Staying hard, getting it up, finishing too early, ED, PE, and other fascinating subjects for men and women

The most difficult subject for any man to think about much less discuss is likely to be: keeping it up, getting it up and finishing too quickly. This is an episode you’ll want to listen to with your partner because there are tools, tips and tricks in here for both men and women. Don’t skip out on incredible intimacy when the answers can be found right here!


0:00 Introductions 

1:33 Finishing too quickly is not an option for a successful relationship 

2:35 It’s not enough to only accommodate her in other ways 

4:04 Women need time to get warmed up! 

5:50 It’s selfish of you when you finish first 

7:40 Analyze your equipment – where are you the most sensitive

8:49 Rocking back and forth 

9:37 Grounding yourself 

12:14 Caveat for particular women who hold back sex

16:57 Being slothful and lazy 

19:19 More techniques for a man to ground himself 

21:41 Don’t transition from one thing to the next without a break

24:05 How do you initiate sex 

26:46 Body language. It matters! 

30:40 Remaining calm through the storm

34:24 Don’t get so focused on not finishing 

35:48 Finishing and the actual orgasm are two different things 

37:12 Thoughts on edging 

39:39 You just can’t last without practice 

40:45 Thoughts on taking care of her first 

43:32 Simply making a woman come once is not the answer

44:30 Selflessness vs selfishness

46:46 When you’ve been with someone for a long time 

49:16 How to be a little more selfish 

52:11 Maintaining your erection 

52:50 The absurdity of constant hardness 

55:10 The women that want you to be ‘obsessed’ 

58:55 Where exactly do you touch her if she doesn’t want certain parts touched?

1:01:09 It’s not always about how hard you are 

1:02:09 Men avoid sex too, just like you 

1:04:04 When you catch yourself avoiding sex, do this instead 

1:06:46 Being afraid to touch it and getting uncomfortable 

1:08:00 Things women do that do NOT help 

1:11:26 Why is touching it not ok 

1:13:49 Removing the stigma of touching yourself 

1:15:23 Bad expectations 

1:19:35 Outro 

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