How to properly kiss! 10 juicy steps

How to properly kiss! 10 juicy steps

Learning to kiss our partner in a way that really turns them on is not innate. Like most things we do for the first time, we’re sloppy and we don’t take the time to learn good technique. Yes even kissing has a technique and it isn’t taught in school or by our family, fortunately. Enter the Closeness podcast: a guide to kissing, replete with all the do’s and don’ts you need to be a successful lover as well as understanding all the different varieties of kissing.


One of the best tips we can offer is to be receptive, malleable and intentional with your kissing, but how do you do that. Closeness takes a very intimate look at how to appropriately use our mouths to experience the most pleasure possible.

Tips include: Not biting, not doing too much and too little, how to avoid sharing an unsavory tongue, the porn star tongue and a deep explanation as to why simply saying you’re not feeling it, doesn’t really cut it.


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