Proper Manners: 5 of the biggest faux pas for women to avoid

Proper Manners: 5 of the biggest faux pas for women to avoid

This episode is part of an interesting new series on recognizing bad manners and poor behavior, as well as learning what to do about it. Regardless of your gender, it’s worth listening to! Most of us know when someone is being flat-out rude, but what does psychological warfare look like when the signs are subtle and people have ill intent? Learning to communicate well with others and people we’re attracted to is an art unto itself that can save both men and women a lot of pain.


Have you noticed yourself or others acting more and more frightened or timid in public these days even well before the dawn of COVID 19? We’ll shed some light on what’s going on as well as explore the damaging effect reality TV stars have on our daily lives.


We’ll also discuss the perils of “stealing your partner’s thunder” when they are vulnerably expressing how you’ve hurt them or upset them and you flip things around to make it all about you. All of this and so much more can be found in this fascinating episode.


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