Hello, my name is Tari

and I am your  Closeness Coach


San Diego's #1 Rated Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coach

The right blend of professional and classy with a little spice

When you're sharing the most intimate details of your life with someone, you want them to be sensitive yet decisive. Intuitive yet direct, and constructive but not intrusive. Respectful, competent, and also a little sexy, if we're honest.. these qualities help model healthy relationship dynamics. I've spent a lifetime becoming that person for all your intimate challenges and curiosities.

More than just intimacy

Much, much more. I am a sexual translator who can tune into what your partner is feeling and thinking. I specialize in gently breaking through stuck energy, building sexual attraction and creating chemistry. To get there we sometimes need to heal old wounds, work through resentment, build trust, and work on authentic communication. In session we do all of this through carefully crafted exercises and interactions. We care for your whole relationship's needs, right down to non-violent communication, deep listening, cooking and fine dining. Consult me as well for hot date ideas, speaking different languages, worldwide living and travel, and even... partner acrobatics.

If you don't know where to start, start with me.

Most Closeness Clients report that after 1-4 visits, their sex, intimate or love life dramatically changes for the better! Depending on your receptivity and openness to my style of coaching, you will be shocked by what can be unlocked and accomplished within a few hours time.

Closeness - Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching, Consulting and Guidance


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Closeness coaching

Real sexual guidance to help you and your partner get to a better and more erotic place.  Full support through navigating different sex drives, approaches, attachment styles, and different ways of getting aroused. Learn to successfully navigate betrayal, breakups and misunderstandings. Most importantly, learn to have better sex immediately.  In office, in home or virtual sessions available.  

With consent we can also offer safe, real world demonstrations, guidance and support to help your partner initiate, advance and be more successful through all the stages of intimacy.  We help you immediately step back into your sexual power, and articulate what you want, verbally and non verbally, from the very first session.


Why I'm Different

If you have experienced traditional forms of therapy in San Diego, sex therapy, psychotherapy or marriage and family counseling before, you may have felt a little frustrated in the sexual department.   As it turns out, many qualified sex therapists and sex coaches aren’t fully comfortable diving into the nitty gritty details of your sex life.  Often I receive feedback that an MFT’s advice was rather general, generic or bland.  At Closeness, we can get right to the heart of the intimate subjects that are bothering your most, no matter how personal they are, and begin to them immediately with world class guidance. It’s safe, stress free and all takes place in a beautiful and relaxing environment in San Diego

If letters after names and titles such as: couple’s therapist, sex therapist or individual therapist, marriage counselor, relationship counselor or MFT are important to you, then you may wish to explore elsewhere.  But if you value someone who get’s consistent results and is an expert in the field of intimacy, I am your man.

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