Part 2: How to properly have sex with someone new for the first time

Part 2: How to properly have sex with someone new for the first time

As soon as you have sex with someone new, a pattern begins and expectations from the other person set in.  But the moments leading up to having sex with someone new can be so special and memorable. Your thoughts and actions on this subject and in fact how you act during these moments can make or break a connection with someone that you’re curious about.  


This one goes deep and is explicit. Listener discretion is advised.


Note: While we often discuss heterosexual situations, the mindset, thoughts, ideas and suggestions are timeless and apply to everyone regardless of gender or orientation.




0:00 Introductions

3:09 Why a man has to initiate

15:36 Can women be more assertive and aggressive?

18:20 How to know if she’s turned on by you

19:52 Tips if things are progressing well with your date

24:00 Why pushing too hard can ruin it

25:28 Do you really need to like your date to have some fun?

26:58 One night stands

27:34 Listen to your body

33:48 Story time: A lifelong plutonic girlfriend

35:02 Thoughts on waiting to have sex

38:52 When she’s ready for sex before you are


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