Can you have it all in relationships? Plus, female mating strategies

Can you have it all in relationships? Plus, female mating strategies


0:00 Introduction and can you have it all? Recitals and disclaimers

2:44 In a nutshell

4:20 What does it mean to have it all?

9:40 Misunderstandings

12:40 Should one person be your everything?

15:21 COVID and Politics

16:26 Are you really perfect, just the way you are?

17:40 The Disney Fairytale

21:30 How Women Select mates

24:39 How men often think of intimacy

25:45 Great sex does not come naturally to most many men

33:04 How does one become a skilled lover?

37:25 Can a man really become a sexual dynamo?

40:26 An unskilled woman CAN be flipped into a fantastic lover

47:24 What do I make of all of this?

49:15 The fallacy of, If they can do it I can too”

56:24 Further thoughtsWe’re one moment away from a meltdown

58:09 Is it ok that you don’t have it all in your relationship?

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