Part 3: How to properly handle and move on from a breakup

Part 3: How to properly handle and move on from a breakup

1:45 Actions speak louder than words

5:55 What do you actually owe the other person?

8:24 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

10:36 When we invest ourselves too much and get overextended

13:54 Self care and taking care of ourselves

20:23 When you think you don’t want anyone else but them

23:28 getting over your previous relationships

24:36 an exercise to show yourself you can get past this… using your exes

26:20 Caring for and helping others…once you’re healed

28:21 Can you still be friends with your ex or after a breakup?

30:48 How do you treat your ex after a breakup?

32:38 Personal stories of trying to remain friends with exes

34:15 Why must we NEVER touch again after breaking up?

36:26 The ways that couples deal with breakups

38:34 How to not handle your breakup

41:48 Advice for the person who is hurting the most

45:56 Do you even want to be friends after a breakup?

47:46 Personal stories about breakups and relationships

49:11 Being in love when someone only ‘likes’ you back

51:42 What to do if you feel like you actually love them more

55:28 Don’t stay in relationships where you partner doesn’t show up for you

59:17 Personal experience from a partner loving me more, but I wasn’t there yet

1:03:13 Nobody wants to be loved when you’re thinking about someone else

1:08:04 Outro

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