Part 2: How to properly handle, cope and deal with a breakup

Part 2: How to properly handle, cope and deal with a breakup

One of the biggest challenges of being alive today, is handling, processing, surviving and getting through a breakup. In this 90 minute episode I am going to help you get through it.


Intro 2:45

You are probably in crisis right now

7:09 We look for ways to resent our partner to get over them

8:05 Understanding the emotional scale 9:08 There must be a grieving process

10:20 The disaster of distracting yourself vs healing yourself

12:14 The age old adage, that everything heals with time is not helpful

14:45 How to self soothe and search for relief

17:33 Avoiding unhealthy distractions

24:39 How can you separate distractions from helpful actions to occupy your mind or time?

30:09 Things to not do during your healing process

35:00 The kinds of friends you should seek solace from

39:14 Feng Shui and letting of old possessions

41:05 Questions to reflect on

43:02 It’s the aftermath of a breakup that makes spending time together impossible

48:01 Trying to be with or supportive of your ex while they are reeling

50:01 The loss of all terms of endearment

51:43 Pay attention to how they treat you during and after a breakup

54:19 We never want to talk about it when things are going well

57:27 We don’t need to suffer so deeply to experience the highest of highs

59:15 When you like or love your partner more than they like or love you

1:00:42 The person who loves you less will tend to gaslight and attack you

1:06:10 People are selfish 1:08:26 You’re never going to get what you want when you need it most

1:17:07 People lie… incessantly

1:22:21 In lying to and deceiving your partner, you will lead them on

1:26:36 When they tell you they need space…

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