Closeness Interview: A glimpse into a millennial military spouse’s marriage. Could this also be your relationship?

Closeness Interview: A glimpse into a millennial military spouse's marriage. Could this also be your relationship?

In this unprecedented interview read by the podcast host, a Closeness Client shares her struggles with intimacy and grapples with her desires for dominance and assertiveness in relationship. A two part interview with a “director’s cut” version: commentary from the host, as well as an unadulterated interview. Does her experience hit home?


0:00 Intro

2:15 The basis of this interview

6:04 The unedited interview begins at about 58 minutes

6:24 The interview begins

7:09 How long have you been together and what is working?

8:16 Fantasizing about dominance

8:42 How is your communication?

9:16 Some personal commentary

11:56 What are you struggling with in your relationship?

12:40 Discussion about women waiting for the action

14:52 She needs a dominant man

22:58 How can I help and what do you want to accomplish here?

29:40 Infidelity and frequency of sex

32:48 Expectations about sex

35:12 Who rejects who more and why?

38:59 Where would you like to see your partner be more of something

40:48 Her primal sexual experiences

44:40 My commentary

50:30 How a man can assert dominance in an attractive way to her

53:00 The importance of women speaking their minds in relationship

53:32 Her sexual kinks and interests

54:02 Do you climax regularly, even if not together?

54:16 She wants to learn how to be more feminine and elimiate masculine energy


1:21:59 Outro

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