How to move things forward and have sex when you feel like roommates, best friends or are simply not progressing

How to move things forward and have sex when you feel like roommates, best friends or are simply not progressing

Without a doubt, one of the number one reasons people struggle in long term, committed relationships, is because they feel like best friends or roommates at home. There’s no passion or excitement! Nothing is moving forward, or things have gone stale. In this hour long episode you’ll learn how to immediately take the reins again and change that immediately. 


0:00 Intro

0:57 The Waiting game 

3:47 Why this happens 

4:57 Women can take the lead without being outrageous 

8:13 If you’re already a woman who’s comfortable initiating 

10:46 Women don’t want to initiate 

12:56 women are hornier but can go longer without it


14:08 On sexual tension and the importance it 

15:32 What I think women want sexually 

18:01 Summary of key points 

21:17 Women can progress things too! 

23:23 Ladies you re allowed! Give yourself permission

25:45 Something women can do to initiate or be more receptive 

30:02 Men who think they always need to chase 

30:55 Women and lofty expectations 

31:40 Men can pick up and notice things but not ultra subtle cues  

32:58 Just because you’re letting it happen does not mean you necessarily like it

36:54 Advice for men 

39:44 Sex and sexuality often doesn’t happen outside of the house


42:46 Sitting separately on the sofa like roommates 

48:20 You can’t be too sweet or exclusively sweet 

50:28 Examples of being sexy 

53:02 Don’t be predictable 

54:42 How to engage in suggestive behavior 

57:20 How to handle yourself with most women 

58:59 How to keep the train moving forward 

1:01:23 Further problem solving 

1:04:36 Dirty talk 

1:05:30 Men really struggle to play and not act 

1:07:30 Finding the right words to use with your woman 

1:09:24 Delivering the goods 

1:13:14 Outro 

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