The final 13 deadly sins of online dating (Part 3)

The final 13 deadly sins of online dating (Part 3)

In this riveting climax to the 3-part series of Deadly Sins of Online Dating, we’ll give you the final thirteen sins and teach you how to avoid them at all costs. In this episode:


– Using general or filler words to make your partner jealous such as being “out with friends”

– Being intentionally boring

– Not answering direct questions and avoiding them at all costs

– Getting offended that the man was “too” this or that

– Sending your relationship to the graveyard by suggesting you, “like to get to know people on the app before meeting or talking”

– Not talking or communicating in any way shape or form between setting up a date and your actual in person date

– Being “bad with your phone,” admitting it, and doing nothing about it

– Using phrases like “I just assumed you were…” to make excuses for yourself

– Suggesting that all your partners behavior is a red flag

– Upholding the mentality that a partner should prove themselves to you or thinking you’re better than your partner

– Constantly demonstrating not merely a lack of punctuality, but calling when you’re already late to let them know you will be even more late

– Encouraging your date to forget about you before even meeting

– Suggesting you “just cancel everything” because of one reschedule

– Being totally non-committal

– Freaking out because you don’t like his approach even though he has no idea who you are, where you’re from, what your morals are, how you like to be treated

– Speaking in generalities and not really caring, “Tell me something about yourself!”

– Interviewing your date heavily but not sharing anything about yourself

– Telling a guy how you’d love to see him and can’t wait to see him but never taking action on it


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