The next 12 deadly sins of online dating (Part 2)

The next 12 deadly sins of online dating (Part 2)

Our next installment of deadly sins of online dating include:


– Looking approximately 40% worse in person than your worst profile photo 

– Speaking only of what you “don’t do and won’t do” and being utterly disagreeable 

– Endless excuses for not getting together when you like someone and never committing to a date 

– Using snapchat filters and specifically, dog filters 

– Holding other people’s babies 

– Giving overly-abbreviated answers – Using the phrase “next time” 

– Freaking out if a guy asks you if your profile is real or if you are real  

– Putting yourself in bad situations because “that’s what he wants” 

– Only answering one question when someone asks you several  

– Speaking abominations such as “I’m never on here, notifications are off,” and “hit me up on snap” 

– Mind games, tricks and other and manipulative gestures 


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