Empathy, understanding and answers for sexually inexperienced men

Empathy, understanding and answers for sexually inexperienced men

Please listen to this episode with your partner. Sexually inexperienced men do not get a lot of attention. Because this subject is so sensitive, there isn’t much real world instruction around it either. In fact most men grapple with a great deal of shame and guilt around the subject and often will not reach out for help. This episode is for you. 


0:00 Introduction Cause and Effect

6:34 You’re not alone 

9:11 Sex does NOT suddenly become a skill once you’re married 

12:47 Women do not want to teach you how to have sex with them 

17:03 Inexperienced men often find themselves with sexually experienced women

18:25 Inexperienced men often have women initiate in the beginning 

21:12 Women get angry, frustrated and resentful when they have to do all the work or nothing happens 

23:41 Brief recap

25:32 What can women do to help their men in this situation 

28:42 More things women can do to support an inexperienced lover

30:47 Third thing she can do

33:39 Inexperienced men often take on the female role 

36:35 Are women more sexual than men? 

39:45 Conclusion and outro 

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