Interview: The intimate adventures of a 21 year old traveling girl with Marisa

Interview: The intimate adventures of a 21 year old traveling girl with Marisa

For many, traveling is one of our favorite ways to experience life, culture and romance. In this episode, we interview freshly-turned twenty-one, Marisa about world travel, sexual adventures and romance. Topics discussed include:


– Traveling alone vs. with a partner

– Long distance relationships when traveling

– How to stay safe as a young, single woman while traveling and having sex

– How to turn down unwanted attention or affection

– The power of the words: I’m not interested

– How to let a man know he can be more aggressive with you

– A dive into what confidence is in a man, as defined by a girl

– The effects traveling has on your sexuality and sexual desires

– Craving aggressive acts or acts of violence

– Is there such a thing as too much sex?

– How lack of confidence can ensure that nothing happens intimately

– How confidence and dominance can play a healthy part in sexual adventures

– Finally, a story about surviving severe sexual trauma


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