How to Create Hot Sexual Chemistry from Nothing

How to Create Hot Sexual Chemistry from Nothing

What’s your definition of hot passionate chemistry? Do you believe that it’s just “there or it isn’t?” In this episode we will put that myth to an end. 

We’ll explore over twenty concepts including: 

– How to have naturally good chemistry with everyone around you

-Is chemistry for men inevitable or bound to happen regardless of what happens?

-How many kinds of chemistry are there? 

-How to have good chemistry by “allowing it” to happen and letting yourself go there

-How we constantly shut ourselves down and turn away love when it comes from the wrong people 

-Why there will always be people who you aren’t going to have chemistry with 

-Why context is everything 

-How to chemistry from your past to create chemistry in your now

-How to bring forward intimacy from your previous relationships to allow good chemistry to flourish in new ones 

-How touch and eye contact play into chemistry 

-Why saying, I’m just not feeling it, doesn’t cut it

-Why thinking that good chemistry just happens is flawed 


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