20 Things to consider when dating a woman who has children

20 Things to consider when dating a woman who has children


0:00 Intro 

2:25 Disclosures 

3:45 Connecting with your children is not something that ever ends 

5:45  1. Anytime something goes wrong, it’s going to require mom’s instant attention 

7:06 A taste of my story 

9:50 2. Many women think their ex is crazy or a narcissist 

12:00 The usual disclaimers 

14:00 A contribution from a single mother 

15:57 3. The length of your commitment matters 

17:56 4. Her children must come first 

22:15 5. You can’t just come over 

23:29 5a. Sometimes you may rank last in terms of priority 

24:24 5b. The ex she’s still in touch with 

25:30 Giving a balanced perspective 

27:04 6. You are stepping into a pre-existing family 

30:30 7. If the children don’t like you 

32:26 8. Divorce statistics and how they effect children 

33:39 9. You’ve got to be creative with discipline 

35:50 10. Navigating who should pay… for everyone 

41:06 11. The possibility of meeting the ex or proverbial crazy ex 

42:35 12. Extended family is often involved 

45:14 13. Women are incredible care takers- but often not for you 

49:08 14. The biggest risk: Spending time with the kids by yourself 

50:50 15. You’re not man enough for not raising her kids? 

52:42 16. Women have LOTS of “standards.” You’re allowed to have standards too

55:04 17. Physically speaking… 

59:04 18. What about what you need as a man? 

1:01:08 19. Women’s needs are often met by having and raising children 

1:03:35 20. Kids are truly a sensory experience for women 

1:07:20 Warm sentiments on the joys of connecting with children 

1:10:55 Outro 

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