Part 2: Intimate thoughts on eating and diet

Part 2: Intimate thoughts on eating and diet

Experiencing sex, closeness or intimacy with another person starts with feeling great about yourself. Our eating habits, at least partially, dictate how we look and feel. In today’s episode we’ll explore:


– What an elimination lifestyle looks like

– Managing cravings

– Sustaining a healthy diet with your busy lifestyle

– Reintroducing foods you’ve previously eliminated

– Finding the line between healthy and vigilant obsession

– Listening to healthy cravings and recognizing unhealthy ones

– Thoughts on people who are lifetime “detoxers”

– Fads and trends – Identifying useless catchphrases

– A rampage of appreciation for yourself


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  • What are some roadblocks to an elimination diet
  • Preparing and mentally paving the way to good health
  • How does eating tie into Closeness and sexuality
  • Useless phrases and catchphrases
  • Cravings
  • How to sustain a healthy diet with a busy lifestyle
  • Re-introducing foods you’ve eliminated
  • Finding the line between vigilance and obsession
  • Recognizing when food is off, and listening to healthy cravings
  • Lifetime “detoxers” – is that smart?
  • Rampage of appreciation for yourself
  • Fads and trends

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This is Part II of a II part series

Please note, I am not a licensed dietitian and you should always consult your doctor or dietitian before making any lifestyle changes when it comes to food.

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