Is it a deal breaker if your partner doesn’t share the same hobbies and passions?

Is it a deal breaker if your partner doesn't share the same hobbies and passions?

We are as passionate about our hobbies and physical activities as we are about our intimate relationships. For some, this borders on obsession. For others, it is as important as religious beliefs and whether or not to vaccinate children. But what happens if your intimate partner doesn’t feel the same way about the things you love to do? What if quite simply, they just don’t care?


Should they never show up to your events and performances? Or is it their moral duty to force themselves to do something that doesn’t interest them, to support you? Do you expect them to be there for most of your shows, games, conferences or performances?


This episode explores whether expectations and sacrifices can be toxic to your relationship. To conclude, we’ll offer some thoughts on what healthy hobby communication looks like. It’s a sensitive topic that needs to be unpacked carefully.


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