How to properly go down on a woman part 2

How to properly go down on a woman part 2

To get anywhere with our partner intimately, we must first accept that neither men nor women are mind readers. We can be intuitive and sensitive, but it’s destined to fail when we expect someone to “just know” what turns us on. Many of us believe we are very “rare, special creatures who are like no one else.” How then can we possibly expect our partners to know what our exact “special” needs, desires and wants are, if we are so very special and rare to begin with? The definition of being special means unlike any other.


After we establish why it’s a pitfall for women to expect a man to know everything about what turns her on, we’ll discuss technique for going down on her and explain why it’s important not to try too many things at once. Here, presence is required more than ever.


What kind of language do we use when speaking about each other’s bodies or most intimate parts? What about dirty talk or talking about sex in general? Taking a moment to figure out what kind of language turns you on can go miles toward heating things up for both of you.


We conclude with some interesting positions to experiment with and shed some light on why it’s important for a woman to not only know what she looks like down there, but also how she tastes.


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