How to properly prepare to go down on a woman, get your mind right and eat her out Part 1

How to properly prepare to go down on a woman, get your mind right and eat her out Part 1

Deep listening means learning to read your partner so you don’t have to ask so many questions. Tuning into her with your whole being so you can give each other a more satisfying sexual experience. This is a potent form of intimacy that can really set the tone to make closeness feel electric!  It’s also a fantastic precursor to going down. 

Oral sex for a woman can be one of the most delicious and satisfying sexual experiences to receive, but unlocking her pleasure is not always easy. In part one of this two-part series, we’ll take a profound look at the preparation necessary  to turn your lady on and turn your her out. This juicy episode will teach you about:  

– What to do when a partner sends mixed signals 

– How to know if a woman wants more… 

– Why men don’t need the same type of stimulation women do 

– Why oral sex is not an isolated event 

– Signs to know when she’s uncomfortable 

– The number one secret to great oral sex

– Sensitive topics like how she smells or tastes 

– How good she can taste! 

– Compliments and talking during sex

– What arousal looks like in a woman 

– What healthy aggression or dominate looks like 

– Plus an entire section on teasing 

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