What a woman’s body is capable of Part 1: Understanding female anatomy and orgasm

What a woman's body is capable of Part 1: Understanding female anatomy and orgasm

Helping a woman spill over into orgasm is a very exciting experience.  We’re big fans of the whole process. But getting her there is not always about what you think, especially if you’re the kind of man who is destination oriented and who prides yourself on making women come.

In this episode we’ll explore this and several other concepts including: 

– Understanding word play and loaded words 

– What effects repressing your sexuality has on you 

– Understanding what happens to sex when you’re married

– Why picking your type really plays in to sexual desire and your orgasm

– A deep exploration about female orgasm 

– Why being solely orgasm focused means you lose half the fun 

– How long it takes to come 

– The appropriate time to be destination oriented 

– What to do if you can come by yourself but not with your partner 

– The two types of sexual comfort required to come 

– What women can do to be more active participants during sex 

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