How to properly tell someone you’re not interested

How to properly tell someone you're not interested

Have you ever been accused of playing games or not being up front? Most of us struggle with three simple words: I’m not interested. This one sentence alone can save you so much time and heartache.


If we’re being honest, a lack of response to advances from a suitor can easily be interpreted as lack of interest, but that’s only true half of the time. Other times it may turn out we are quite interested but are horrible communicators or incredibly shy.


Rather than simply saying yes or suggesting a different time to meet – the holy grail to intimate communication – we respond to invitations with our physical location! When someone asks you out and you say, “I’m in the shower,” “I’m at work,” or “I’m at the beach,” not only are you speaking in sentence fragments, but you’re ruining your chances of them asking you out again.


Responding to an invitation solely by telling someone where you are is utterly useless information for your suitor. Whether you meant to or not, you’re shutting the person down in a very manipulative way. Closeness alas is here to help explain. Let’s leave this toxic behavior behind and learn how one very simple and very magical word: “but!”


“I’m not interested, BUT I’d love to see you tomorrow!”


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