Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching

Think of Closeness as the sexual education you wish you had growing up, but is now custom tailored for you as an adult.  In our sessions, we can talk and immediately breakdown barriers to intimacy, or we can turn up the heat and teach you and your partner how to really get things going. 

As the top rated sex coach in San Diego, I specialize in reigniting your sex life, teaching you to tap into passionate chemistry, learning to unleash your primal side, and empowering men to be assertive and confident partners.

For women, I guide the exploration of pleasure and getting in touch with your most intimate desires.

Addressing your pain points is crucial; we navigate through resentment, ensuring a gradual, respectful journey.

If your relationship is craving, or needs  a sexual tune-up or rediscovery, Closeness is your sanctuary.

Sex Therapist



Pre and post marital guidance

Build chemistry with your partner in real time

This is not sex therapy. You will get immediate and actionable steps to improve on your first session
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Intimacy Coach



Discover what you want and what turns you on

Understand your body and all the ways you can receive pleasure

Learn to open more and be receptive to receiving and giving
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Relationship Coach



Countless Long Form Episodes

Actionable Intimate Content

Arousing Interviews and How-to instruction
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Where shall we begin? Helping him be more assertive Sexual guidance How to initiate sex How to be more masculine  Learning what turns her on Creating and increasing chemistry How to touch her sexually and energetically  Real-time feedback and guidance Improving your body language Getting rid of nervous ticks Healthy assertiveness  Moving past resentment Learning what turns you on Teaching him to lead Traditional and non-traditional relationships LGBTQ+ Friendly   Life Coaching  Better Communication Conflict mediation  Intimacy Coach in San Diego Relationship Coach in San Diego

Closeness: Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Guidance

Over 300,000 people listen to the Closeness Podcast

Navigate the most difficult intimate subjects with your partner simply by listening to the Closeness podcast and applying the teachings. Sizzling hot subject matter, thoughtful “how to” episodes on: kissing, touching, how to be dominant during sex, going down and more. 

The Closeness Podcast is free and enhances the sex coaching that you receive in person. Click here: PODCAST or listen everywhere podcasts can be found.  Be sure to subscribe to get notified of new episodes.  

Relationship Coach

What to expect from working together

Coming in to a sex coaching session and not knowing what to expect can feel a little intimidating at first. I do everything in my power to ensure your comfort level and safety is taken seriously.

I offer tasteful intimacy coaching and sexual guidance in real time. To schedule your first appointment you can call, text or fill out an intake form found at the top and bottom of every page.

The form is optional, but many find it easier to get things out by typing first.  It also acts as a free consultation so you don’t have to repeat yourself in person.

Since most of us don’t like group texts, I generally keep scheduling and follow-up responses to one phone in the household. That usually winds up being the one who reaches out first. This is often a female partner who winds being the one who handles the bulk of communication.  I use voice notes regularly when possible. Unlike marriage and family therapists, or psychotherapists, we can actually communicate between sessions.  You too can text, update, share your successes and happiness along our journey together.

My advice is profound, but I take a light, friendly approach to this work to make it easy for everyone involved.  I work differently than other coaches and sex therapists in San Diego.



I am in the business of creating genuine connections and building passionate, consensual sexual chemistry.

It’s important to not mistake teachings, demos, intimacy mapping, or other interactions done in session for anything other than what they are: tools to help you or you and your partner connect on a more intimate and erotic level.

Having an experiential session is different than talking about it. The way you approach your partner matters, your body language matters and getting you interacting is often the best way for most of us to truly get a handle on what’s going on.

So with your consent, I will guide you in a way that matches your comfort level, so you can safely feel and see what is happening in real time.

While talk-only sessions are always available to you, I will never sit and nod my head as you speak without giving advice. I am engaging and often have instantaneous answers, solutions, feedback and ways for you to feel more passion and excitement in your relationship.

Please see the coaching section for more details about what to expect and different offerings.

What women want...

For around fifty percent of married or involved couples who contact me, the female parter will often both reach out first and sign up for a session on her own first. This is optional and does not come as a push from me. 

Whether you’re involved, single or just getting in or out of a relationship, you can benefit greatly from a sex coaching session. I handle all aspects of the intimate experience, not just sex. Under the coaching section, you’ll find a specific  episode tailored towards what you can expect from doing a sesion together. I also  invite you to read through  several touching reviews from women under the reviews section to see if you resonate with what I offer. 

When a woman decides to come on on her own it can be for many reasons: Maybe she doesn’t know how to broach or bring up what’s been bothering her and she needs a space to voice things and process them. Maybe she wants to get to know herself better, and her partners presence may be a little distracting.  Some women want to get to know themselves better or learn more about what they want because they’ve spent years not speaking up. If this is the case for you too, we can work on setting new boundaries, finding your voice, learning how to speak up for what you want and even more deeply understand what you want. 

All questions about sex, understanding your body, as well as what turns you on and excites you can be addressed. It’s a powerful way to get out of your head, sort through what’s going on, and have the conversations you can’t talk to anyone else about.  

A one on one session is also a great way to figure out where you are holding back with your partner. Sometimes, simply having a professional third party be present for you while you actually say out loud what you’ve never been able to say to them, can be extremely liberating and healing. We can soften anxiety, help figure out how to get you more aroused, work on confidence and tap in to what you want.

Great results again and again

If you’re in relationship, coming to session together is the most powerful way to create lasting change.  Often women want to send their man in to be fixed, but when the female partner is present in the room, she can actually see the changes and learn what turns her on and off in real time. If desired, and with both your consent, partners can see her get aroused and excited and actually understand how and why it happened.  I will immediately and gracefully point out her subtle body language and cues so you can witness sexual desire in your partners eyes and learn how to harness it.

Most couples who come in are able to find success. But results come from your ability and willingness to do the exercises, take it seriously, do the fun exercises at  home and come prepared each week with things you want to work on or address. 

Don’t wait till the night before our next session to have a conversation or get things started! 

Often one person has a much higher sex drive than their partner. That is often the female partner. If a man is ‘working on it’ but only tries once or twice a week and is meek in his energy, this will often appear to his female partner like he doesn’t care or isn’t trying. 

Repetitive sessions allow us to dial everything in and continue to refine so you can be more effective at home. 

Sex Therapist

Sex Coach

Sex Coach

A transformative journey through Sex Coaching. If you and your partner are struggling with a barrier related to sex or intimacy, such as: mismatched sex drives, not enough confidence experience, lack of intensity, masculinity or assertiveness... you've come to the right place.
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Intimacy Coach

Intimacy Coach

Intimacy Coach

Intimacy is different than sex, though both can lead to similar places. Closeness, connection, touch, communication: these are all the necessary touchstones to make a relationship thrive but sometimes your partner gives you way too much or way too little. I can teach them how to strike the right balance between primal and passionate.
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Relationship Coach

Relationship Coach

It is never just about sex. A Closeness Coaching session can also be about conflict mediation, emotional intelligence, problem solving, life coaching, mentoring, building a better connection, resolving conflicts, and elevating your relationship to new heights.
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Closeness coaching

Real sexual guidance to help you and your partner get to a more connected and erotic place. 

As an expert sex educator and intimacy coach, I understand that your unique situation requires care and confidentiality.  While better or hotter sex doesn’t have to be our top priority, you can learn to share more closeness or have more connected or primal sex almost immediately if desired.  

With your full consent, I offer safe, real world guidance, demonstrations and support to help your partner initiate and be more successful through all stages of intimacy.

  Reclaim your sexual power, find your voice and discover a Closeness with your partner that you never dreamed possible. 


Why I'm Different

If you have experienced traditional forms of sex therapy, psychotherapy or marriage and family counseling in San Diego, you may have been left feeling a little frustrated in the intimacy department.   As it turns out, many qualified therapists and sex therapists aren’t fully comfortable or knowledgable when it comes to the very specific and often  juicy details that talking about and guiding sexuality requires. 

 I constantly receive feedback that an MFT’s advice was rather general, bland or that couple’s were unable to get the spark back because generic advice simply misses the mark.

  At Closeness, we can get right to the heart of matters that  are effecting your most, no matter how personal they may feel.  My warm, confident approach is stress-free and takes place in a stunning and relaxing forest like setting.