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Be held become more receptive to intimacy, receiving and giving
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Where shall we begin? Helping him be more assertive Sexual guidance How to approach her for sex How to be more masculine  Figuring out what turns her on Creating and increasing chemistry How to touch her sexually and energetically  Real-time feedback and guidance Improving your body language Getting rid of nervous ticks Healthy assertiveness  Moving past resentment Learning what turns you on Teaching him to lead Traditional and non-traditional relationships LGBTQ+ Friendly   Life Coaching  Better Communication Conflict mediation 

Closeness: Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Guidance


Over 200,000 people listen to the CLOSENESS PODCAST

Navigate the most difficult intimate subjects with your partner simply by listening to the Closeness podcast and applying the teachings. Sizzling hot subject matter, thoughtful “how to” episodes on: kissing, touching, how to be dominant during sex, going down and more.  Provocative interviews, navigating breakups, understanding infidelity, self care practices and more.  

The Closeness Podcast is a free offering that enhances the intimacy coaching that you receive in session.  Simply click PODCAST from the top menu or scroll to the bottom of any page to choose your platform of choice. 

You can listen to Closeness everywhere podcasts can be found including: YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google, Pandora, Tesla, iHeart, Deezer and more! Be sure to subscribe to get notified of new episodes.  


Coming in to a session like this and not knowing what to expect can feel a little nerve racking at first.   Rest assured within minutes of sitting down, I do everything in my power to make you feel comfortable and safe. I offer tactful, intimacy consulting and sexual guidance in real time.

To schedule your first appointment you can call or text or fill out an intake form found at the top and bottom of every page.  It’s optional but many find it’s easier to get things out by typing first.  It also acts as a free consultation so you don’t have to repeat it in person. 

 Since most of us don’t like group texts, I generally keep scheduling and follow-up responses to one phone in the household. Usually the one who reaches out first. This is often a female partner who winds being the one who handles the bulk of communication. Group texts are available upon request. 

I use voice notes regularly for communication. Unlike marriage and family therapists, or psychotherapists, we can actually communicate between sessions.  You too can text, update, share your successes and happiness and send voice notes along our journey together.

I am in the business of creating genuine connections and building consensual sexual chemistry and attraction. It’s important to not mistake teachings, demos, intimacy mapping, interactions for anything other than what they are: tools to help you or you and your partner connect on a more intimate and erotic level. I keep a light, friendly approach to all of this work to make it easy for everyone. 

I work differently than other coaches and therapists. Having an experiential session is so fundamentally different than talking about it. Energy matters, body language matters and it’s often the best way for most of us to truly get what’s going on. So with your consent, I guide you through interactions and demos so you can feel what’s going on, in a safe way. 

While talk only modalities are always available to you, I don’t just sit and nod my head as you speak. I am engaging and often have instantaneous answers, solutions, ideas and feedback.

Please see the coaching section for more details about what to expect and different offerings. 


With about 50-60% of couples, a female parter will come in for a session on her own first. This is completely optional and up to you and your parter to decide what’s best. It is never a push from me.  

If you’re single, getting out of or just getting into a relationship, you can also benefit greatly from doing a session. I handle all aspects of the intimate experience, not just sex. The coaching tab has an hour long podcast on what a sesion is like and I invite you to peek at several extremely touching reviews from women on Google, to see if you resonate with what I share. 

When a woman decides to come on on her own it can be for many reasons. Maybe she doesn’t know how to broach what’s bothering her with her partner and she needs a space to voice things and process them. Often times we can role play different scenarios to work through them.  Some women want to get to know themselves better or learn more about what they want because they’ve spent years not speaking up. If this is the case we can work on setting new boundaries, finding her voice, learning how to speak up for what she wants or even more deeply understand what she wants. 

All questions about sex, understanding your body, as well as what turns you on and excites you can be addressed. It’s a powerful way to get out of your head, sort through what’s going on, and have the conversations you can’t talk to anyone else about.  

It’s also a great space to clarify some of the things that you are holding back from your partner and see how they land when you actually hear yourself speaking them out loud. This alone can be extremely healing. We can soften anxiety, help you figure out how to get you more aroused, work on confidence, tap in to what you want and more.


If you’re in relationship, coming to sessions as a couple is the most powerful way to create lasting change.  When a female is present in the room, it gives you astounding real-time feedback on what works and what doesn’t. If desired, and with both your consent, you will see her get aroused and understand how and why it happened.  I will immediately and gracefully point out her subtle body language and cues so you can witness sexual desire in your partners eyes and learn how to harness it.

Most couples who come in are able to find success. But results come from your ability and willingness to do the exercises, take home ideas (which can be very fun), and come prepared each week with things you want to work on. 

It’s always best to  practice what we’ve preached when you get home – which should be very fun! Don’t wait till the night before our next session to get things started. 

Often one person has a much higher sex drive than their partner. That person is usually female. If a man is ‘working on it’ but only tries once or twice a week and is meek in his energy, this will often appear to his female partner like he doesn’t care or isn’t trying. I help dial everything in during session, so you can be more effective at home. 

Closeness coaching

Real sexual guidance to help you and your partner get to a better and more erotic place.  As an expert intimacy advisor and consultant, I offer full support through navigating sex drive, approach preferences, attachment styles, and the different ways you get aroused. While better sex doesn’t have to be our focus or priority, you can learn to share more closeness or have better sex almost immediately.  

With your full consent only, I offer safe, real world direction, demonstrations, guidance and support to help your partner initiate, advance and be more successful through all the stages of intimacy.  Learn to step back into your sexual power, find your voice and articulate what you want. 


Why I'm Different

If you have experienced traditional forms of sex therapy, regular therapy, psychotherapy or marriage and family counseling before in San Diego, you may have been left feeling a little frustrated in the intimacy department.   As it turns out, many qualified therapists and sex therapists aren’t fully comfortable or knowledgable when it comes to getting into the juicy details of your romantic sex life. 

 I constantly receive feedback that an MFT’s advice was rather general, bland or that couple’s were unable to get the spark back because advice such as, “Try making out more, how do you feel about this or try scheduling sex,” just missed the mark.

  At Closeness, we can get right to the heart of the matters that  are affecting your most, no matter how personal they may feel.  My warm, confident, present approach is stress-free and takes place in an absolutely stunning and relaxing forest like setting.