30 Things you don’t need to say ever again

30 Things you don't need to say ever again


0:00 Intro

6:40 Oh you really don’t care?

7:38 Words carry power

8:35 I don’t sugar coat

12:46 A certain type of emoji

14:55 Who hurt you?

17:00 Cute

22:55 It is what it is

30:42 Like I said

34:27 Thoughts on talking and conversing

36:10 Useless filler words

38:55 Pour some sprinkles on me

39:23 Low key pointless phrases

41:06 Other phrases that have gone out of style

44:00 I feel like…

48:20 Next time

49:15 It depends

52:07 I just can’t possibly imagine

55:09 I just can’t explain it

58:28 I’m really so picky and selective

59:32 The misogynist

1:05:31 Shots fired

1:08:28 Just curious

1:10:28 I’m not like all those other girls

1:13:07 Who hurt you?

1:15:20 I can’t believe I am doing this!

1:17:01 Keep it chill, what will be will be x=x

1:21:38 Get your ish together

1:24:14 That big D energy and vibin

1:26:02 You can’t tell me what to do and starting fights from nothing

1:26:46 Don’t judge!

1:34:42 I don’t want to argue

1:37:50 It’s complicated

1:39:06 Female entitlement for the goddess

1:42:50 Dealing with the most painful type of emotional hurt – special edition

1:59:09 Outro

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